Monday, February 4, 2013

Introducing a new blogger!

Hello Teanions,

Today's post will not be about tea sadly, but worry not! It will payoff in the long run. (not to mention I will be doing an actual tea post later this week, continuing with the tea family...Almost done!)

This post is about introducing a new blogger, co-writer, and tea enthusiast. Readers, meet my tea loving fiancée, Al.

Al will be helping me with new writing new material for our blog as well as reaching out to fellow tea bloggers in the internet community. Though we have slightly different ideas of where to take this all, I am sure she will bring a fresh and new perspective to mar-tea and is sure to bring good content and input. While I would like to continue to concentrate on the 'basics' of tea, Al would like to start reviewing and sharing her (our) tea experiences as we enjoy both, old classics and new experiences, in the tea world. Quite honestly, I had hoped to be reviewing and describing teas by this point of this blogs life, giving the ins and outs of tea drinking, good buys, and interesting finds. I then started writing about the basic building blocks of tea and what a can of worms that has been! It's difficult to know when to stop, when to pull back from the cold hard information and start mixing in opinions and when to open the door to discussions relating to preferences, methods, and tastes.

I still believe I should finish with my tea introductions so that new teanions will have the basics when we go more in depth into different varieties of tea and the subtler flavours. At the same time, I think it will be great to start sharing our experiences and mix up the blog content a bit as well as generate discussions.

So stay tuned for future posts from Al and I and remember that we are always open to feedback!

Steep away and be happy! I'll see you guys later this week with a full-fledged post.

Tea out

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